Corporations Support BRC and Receive Direct Tax Credits through EITC Program

We are excited that BRC was once again designated by The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s EITC program as an Innovative Educational Program. This allows corporations to direct corporate tax dollars to directly support BRC’s environmental education programs. If your company would like to make a donation to BRC or learn more, please contact Jim Jordan at 610-793-1090 or .

Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

What is EITC?

The Pennsylvania EITC program allows a business to divert its state taxes to education programs. To do this, the business pledges to make a gift through the EITC program, receives approval to do so, then selects an approved organization such as BRC and fulfills the gift. The PA Department of Community and Economic Development then gives the business a tax credit up to 90 percent–it’s a win-win! Learn more about the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program.

Is Your Company Eligible?

Businesses ranging from neighborhood pharmacies, to mid-sized companies, to large corporations are all eligible. This includes the following type of businesses: C-Corporations (taxed at the corporate level), S-Corporations, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and subchapter S corporations and other business entities that pay their State business taxes under the personal income tax on PA business income can now fully participate.

How To Participate

It’s Simple! Visit the Department of Community & Economic Development website or contact them by phone at 866.466.3972

When Should You Apply

Applications are due by May 15 for renewing businesses or July 1 for new applicants. Your business must be approved before you make a gift and receive tax credits.

Questions for BRC:

Jim Jordan, Executive Director
610-793-1090 or