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The Shamona Creek watershed is a catchment area of 12.38 square miles with 17.2 miles of stream in portions of Downingtown Borough and Caln, East Bradford, East Brandywine, East Caln, Upper Uwchlan and Uwchan Township. The watershed is comprised of mixed land uses including commercial, light to high density residential, agricultural, and recreational land uses. Historical land uses, including logging, intensive agriculture and mill dam construction and abandonment, have impacted Shamona Creek and the East Branch Brandywine Creek Watershed. PADEP classifies the Shamona Creek Watershed, the East Branch Brandywine Creek Watershed from its source to Shamona Creek, and the unnamed tributaries to the East Branch Brandywine Creek in East Brandywine and Uwchlan Townships as a High Quality-Trout Stocked Fishery, migratory Fishery. The East Branch Brandywine Creek below Shamona Creek and the remaining unnamed tributaries in the study area are designated as Warm Water Fishery, Migratory fishery.   Water quality is impaired by sediment and nutrients and impacted by flow alteration due to urban stormwater runoff.

Summary of Activity:

  • Assessment report completed in April 2010
  • Restoration Plan completed in May 2010
  • Permits received for restoration of two sites at the headwaters of Ludwig’s Run October 2015
  • Restoration began on Ludwig’s Run in December 2015 with funding from Williams Companies.
  • Restoration completed on 2,000 feet of Ludwig’s Run at headwaters and repair and retrofitting of failed storm water basin May 2016
  • Funding received for repair and retrofitting of two additional storm water basins, completed Spring 2019.

Map and Restoration Plan:


Ludwig’s Run Run Flyer 9-2-2018