Since the beginning in 1945, BRC’s mission has been to conserve and restore the water resources in the Brandywine and Red Clay Watersheds. The mission was expressed in watershed conservation programs that were designed to improve the quality of the Brandywine and Red Clay Creeks. Red Streams Blue was established in 2006 to improve water quality. Initial assessments were conducted to identify the streams that need improvement. Restoration plans were then developed and funding was secured to implement these projects. By 2016, BRC has completed 15 stream restoration projects as well as 4 major stream fencing and crossing projects.

What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the drainage area for a certain body of water. Imagine a drop of water falling from the sky. That drop falls on a hill. It will flow down the hill. Eventually, that drop of water will end up at the point of lowest elevation. See it animated. The drop could then infiltrate into the ground or flow into a body of water, in our case, the Brandywine Creek. Either way, the drop has drained into the Brandywine Creek watershed. The Brandywine Creek flows into the Christina River, which eventually flows into the Delaware River, which then drains into the Atlantic Ocean. This means that we all live in more than one watershed. If you live in the Brandywine watershed, you also live in the Christina watershed, the Delaware watershed AND the Atlantic watershed!

Watch this short video: Your Watershed (This video is an .avi file.  If you prefer to watch the YouTube version, please click play below.)

Protecting Our Watershed

Learn more about how BRC is protecting our watershed through the following programs and activities.

Brandywine Red Clay Alliance is accepting bids for the E. Doe Run Road and N. Walnut Road Stream Restoration Projects.

Please click here for the E. Doe Run Road bid package.

Please click here for the N. Walnut Road bid package.