To honor the longstanding legacy of Bob Struble to the conservation community, the Robert G. Struble, Jr. Watershed Conservation Perpetual Fund was established in 2018 to provide ongoing financial support for watershed restoration and conservation projects and initiatives.

Bob served the community for 43-years as Executive Director and, then, Watershed Conservation Director at the Brandywine Valley Association and Red Clay Valley Association, which later merged to form the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance. His work focused on the transformation of area waterways compromised by erosion, industry and agricultural contamination. Focusing on scientific methodology and a dash of gut instinct, Bob’s tireless work helped transform countless miles of streams and creeks, resulting in cleaner water for all.

The Robert G. Struble Jr. Fund will serve as a financial anchor for future watershed restoration and conservation projects throughout the Brandywine and Red Clay watersheds. As a perpetual fund, it will be positioned to respond to both immediate and long-term investment restoration and conservation needs, providing strategic support to this robust Brandywine Red Clay Alliance program.In 2018, Bob was honored with the Clayton M. Hoff Award by the members of the Board of Directors. This award has been given only six times in the organization’s history and recognizes long-term contributions to the valley’s resources.

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